Carter and Eli

The spring showcase has been a success to say the least.  Players from all over Southern Wisconsin were able to come to Oregon to participate in our first individual signup showcase.  For the Peewee/Bantam weekend we had 42 players and for the Squirt/Mite weekend we had 22.  To some this may seem low but we wanted to make sure our system was in place before really putting it out there, and it is.

With the idea of un-biased evaluations we feel we have given the players the honest feedback they deserve to properly assess their skills to find a path to improvement.  It is our hope that this fall we can double the size of the event to 4 teams at each level and bring in more evaluators.  We are relying on our Coaches Club to offer assistance on that front.  

A few highlights:

Weekend one game MVP's:  Carter Oliphant, coming through the Patriots organization now a Madison Capitol.  And Eli Ehrhardt, Middleton to the Admirals and now Capitols.  

Weekend two game MVP's: Easton Berns out of Oregon and Aston Gohdes from the Polar Caps.

"The event was fun, the teams were surprisingly even and the games were close.  The kids really got into it and seemed like they all were working hard and having a blast.  The creativity was fun to watch." 

We are looking forward to doing more of these styles of events in the near future.

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