Journal #2

After a really long day yesterday with hockey practice and a hockey game, JD was obviously moving a little slow as he made his way into TAP’s Windsor, WI location on this particular morning.

Inside the TAP workout facility, a group of Janesville Jets hockey players from the NAHL were finishing up their team workout. Coach Paul greeted JD with his trademark inspirational smile and contagious energy. JD was suddenly motivated to do work. He knew the importance of putting in time to become a dominant player. 

JD went straight to his semi-private workout group. They began with light stretching as part of the important warmup before getting after it. Today the group was about 35% females, which was great to see. TAP is an all-inclusive training facility and is the farthest thing to a stereotypical meat head gym. The girls in this session were also putting in admirable work to develop strength and agility abilities so that it transfers back to their respective sports (they were representing hockey, volleyball, basketball, softball and lacrosse).  And everyone in the TAP semi-private group works together as one large team, which is awesome. 

TAP - Training 1

It didn’t matter how fatigued and uninspired JD felt on his way to TAP today. Once he joined his group it was time to do work. No one was letting any of the others see any slacking off. Every participant was working to the best of their abilities. The TAP trainers working with all of the athletes on this day kept the instruction positive and ensured output was at a maximum. There wasn’t any shortage of smiles as each person was pushed. 

TAP - Training 2

TAP’s training methods are truly among the best in the industry. Their training concepts are a planned blend of time-tested strength and conditioning routines as well as some of the newest and most powerful program techniques available in the training industry. Under the direction of the TAP staff JD had no problem switching into focused maximum effort as he worked toward his personal goals. 

Zach Campbell - TAP Performance Coach

TAP Performance Coach Zach Campbell is another staff member with a solid hockey background. As a multi-sport athlete at Wisconsin Rapids, his hard work ethic and drive to compete was rewarded with him earning First Team All-Conference and All-State hockey player. Campbell knows hockey and had this to share with his clients, "most team sports are played in a 10’ x 10’ box, and hockey is no exception. The ability to win the first three strides, consistently, determines the outcomes of games. The more space you can create in a short amount of time, the more separation between you and your opponent, the more opportunity you create to make plays. This is why we place a heavy emphasis on acceleration and change of direction for hockey players in the off-season.” 

Campbell’s no-nonsense approach to training for your sport of choice is on display every day he is training at TAP. His philosophies connect with countless athletes. Campbell says, “being undersized yet skilled, you only have one way to compete. And that’s to outwork everyone.” Campbell added that, “no matter what skill you may currently have, I encourage you to adopt the same mentality.” Campbell is yet another extremely strong performance coach at TAP that excels at bringing out the best from all TAP students. 

Paul Zweifel - TAP Performance Coach

Once the sessions were completed this week JD was in an exceptionally great mood. He had been continually challenged physically and mentally going through his personalized TAP workouts. He was also made to sincerely feel like he belonged. The training and end goals for JD following the TAP path had him all in and looking forward to sessions next week. He was incredibly motivated to work toward his personal goals and maximize his performance in hockey. The strength and agility improvements TAP is teaching him will pay dividends for a lifetime. And significant improvements were already noticeable on and off the ice.

Total Athlete Performance